Committee Assignments

Committee Assignments for 2020 
 Finance/Budget Committee    
 Emily E. Morgan, Chairperson    
 Pat Hembree    
 Curriculum & Instruction Committee    
 Pat Hembree, Chairperson    
 Dr. Avania Richardson-Miller    
 Human Resources Committee - (Bd Committee of the Whole)  
 Richard Wyatt, Chairperson    
 Pat Hembree    
 Facilities & Grounds Committee    
 John C. Campbell, Chairperson    
 Terence J. Johnson    
 Policy Committee    
 Lynn Anderson-Person, Chairperson    
 Cameron E. Cox    
 School/Community Relations Committee    
 Terence J. Johnson, Chairperson    
 Carmencita T. Pile    
 PASA Negotiations Committee    
 Emily E. Morgan, Chairperson -  John C. Campbell  
 Lynn Anderson-Person -  Carmencita T. Pile  
 PEA Negotiations Committee    
 Emily E. Morgan, Chairperson    
 Terence J. Johnson    
 Dr. Avania Richardson-Miller    
 Board/Council Liaison    
 Carmencita T. Pile, Chairperson    
 Terence J. Johnson    
 Long Range Planning    
 Lynn Anderson-Person, Chairperson -  John C. Campbell  
 Cameron E. Cox -  Richard Wyatt  
 NJSBA Delegates Assembly  Cameron E. Cox  Terence J. Johnson
 NJSBA Urban Boards  Cameron E. Cox  Terence J. Johnson
 Union County Ed. Services Commission  Lynn Anderson-Person  Terence J. Johnson
 Union County Sch. Bds. Assoc.  Lynn Anderson-Person  Cameron E. Cox
 Legislative  Lynn Anderson-Person  
 Shared Service  Carmencita T. Pile  
 Information Technology  Cameron E. Cox  
 NJSIAA  Terence J. Johnson  
All standing committees are committees of the whole except Negotiations and School/Community Relations